About Us

Chatham Jackson Roofing Contractors provide roofing and cladding services throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and beyond. We are professional Industrial and Commercial roofing contractors as well as offering Domestic roofing services. We also offer cladding installation services for commercial/industrial buildings.


Chatham Jackson Roofing Contractors are specialist roofing and cladding contractors that provide a complete roofing service for commercial, factory, warehouse and industrial properties. We specialise in larger industrial roofing contracts however we also welcome individual domestic roofing work.

Our experties extend to all areas of roofing such as, Industrial and commercial roof refurbishment, Industrial and commercial roof maintenance & repairs and Asbestos strip, reclad, over-skin and encapsulation.


Chatham Jackson Roofing Contractors carry out all industrial and commercial cladding services using various profiles and composite panels. The existing cladding/walls remain in situ and a new spacer bar/batten is secured to it to fix the new cladding. Glass fibre can be sandwiched between on request.

Benefits of Overcladding

  • Your building can stay open as walls are still in sit
  • You don’t lose trade/revenue
  • Vast visual improvement of your building
  • Stops damp/draughts
  • Increased thermal properties where insulation option is taken


For further information, please contact us today on 01430 430938

Call Chatham & Jackson for all your roofing  and cladding needs,  covering Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire for roofing and nationwide covered for cladding projects.