Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors have helped many business and residential properties in Yorkshire and farther afield with all their composite cladding needs.

In a varied industry, Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors offer any kind of P.I.R Composite Cladding with numerous U.V Values for al your needs. Overskinning, strip and re-clad, vertical or horizontal box profile side sheeting, whether it be from your plans or work in unison with ourselves to create that certain appearance that you are looking for. We cater for, among others, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, box profile, mini and micro rib, food prep, freezer panelling and many more.

Suppliers include Kingspan and TATA being two of the biggest suppliers in the UK.  Industrial Roofs can be clad with 2 Metre wide and up to 25 metre long sheets eliminating the actual lap joints needed on large roofs. Such roofs we have done by using the ‘’crane and cladboy’’ system, this method reduces labour costs dramatically resulting in us being able to keep supplying competitively our 25 years watertight guaranteed roofs.

Colours, profiles, styles and designs are endless, so give us a call and let us help you create the specific style and design you are looking for, be it a new roof, freezer, side cladding, spray booth to complete new build. The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today for further information on all of our composite cladding services.