Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors have helped many business and residential properties in Yorkshire and farther afield with all their asbestos needs. From striping and re-cladding to over-skin and encapsulation.

Asbestos roofs on the usual day to day factories around the country are slowly becoming less visible with new stringent W&S rules and regulations. Removal can be costly and hazardous, however Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors are able to offer an asbestos over skin solution where by existing fibre cement/asbestos roofs can be over clad using a galvanised spacer bar fixed to existing sheeting rails. Any sheet penetration is carefully monitored by the use of a coagulant paste that traps and bonds and fibres preventing them being released into the atmosphere. New sheeting can then be fixed onto the spacer bars.

Asbestos over-skinning and encapsulating helps us to create and complete a water tight roof membrane carrying a 15-25 year warranty, whilst also being cosmetically pleasing. This also helps reuse the life span of the existing membrane. This system can be done not only on roofs but also any side/vertical cladding which is a popular option of our wide range of existing customers.

Another option is to encapsulate factory clad insulation between the existing roof membranes and the new, to turn an insulated building into one that increases the U.V value and allows it to conform varied improved uses.

Chatham Jackson Industrail Roofing Contractors have completed a multitude of work in the Yorkshire area, helping a number of industries and residential properties with their roofing problems. Our knowledge of asbestos over-skin is second to none, so if you have any concerns about your property or you’re looking for a competitive quotation then please call us today and speak to our friendly knowledgeable team.