Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors have helped many business and residential properties in Yorkshire and farther afield with all their asbestos needs. From striping and re-cladding to over-skin and encapsulation.

In a world where overhaul and improvement are on the increase the old asbestos/fibre cement buildings are becoming few and far between. Being replaced by new metal buildings, however with “fibre cement” sheets readily available and having the advantage of being the only “single skin” membrane that does not condensate. We offer a full service of strip and re-clad for this.

Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors work to full HSC Regulations we can safely remove your old roof or side membrane, dispose of by authorised recognised asbestos hauliers and the re-clad with a few different profile options to create your new-improved requirements. This is very popular in the farming/industrial warehousing industry. It is a much cheaper option than the composite/double skin method if a dry storage area is required. Being classed in the “fragile roof” category, all works by us are carried out to a high level of safety including a double fall arrest system, Mansafe netting and easy-deck harness attachment if required. All existing sheets are taken off whole or with no penetration or damage being created therefore safely working to keep within HSC regulations. Fibre cement edgings and cosmetic trims can also be supplied and fitted to ensure your building in keeps with surrounding properties.

If you would like more information on how Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors can help you with your current project then please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our knowledgeable and friendly team are here to help you.