Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contractors have helped many business and residential properties in Yorkshire and farther afield with all their flat roof needs, including repairs and conversions.

A Flat Roof Conversion is the choice of many property owners when their flat roof has aged and started to cost money for continued maintenance.

Flat roofs can be problematic, not to mention the overall aesthetic appearance of them, sometimes looking tired and bland. Many buildings throughout the UK have flat roofs that are past their design life and become defective. Many problems such as leaking, repetitive treatment, on-going maintenance, interior water damage, dated appearance and poor thermal performance can affect the overall integrity of your flat roof costing you money time and time again.

The solution to flat roof problems? Changing your flat roof into a pitched roof. A relatively simple process button that we are sure will overcome your flat roof woes and improve the overall appearance and function of your building. Once your flat roof conversion is complete it can be tiled or slated to match the style of your property making it appear as though it’s always been part of the building.

Chatham Jackson Industrial Roofing Contracts have worked on flat to pitched roof conversions for many different types of buildings and have the knowledge and experience to determine appropriate options for your project. Where an industrial or residential property owner has had on-going problems with a flat roof installation we have been able to help, not only improving the function and aesthetics of the property but also greatly enhancing the overall appearance, as well as potentially increasing its value.

If you have problems with your flat roof and are considering a flat roof conversion then call us today and talk to our team.